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Hi! I'm

Joe Dichiara, CPA


Keynote Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Creator of Bedrock Business Builders & Bedrock University

Joe's Biography

Joe DiChiara is an entrepreneur with a CPA license. He has worked with thousands of business owners over a 35 year career. Eager to help people succeed, it troubled him that most new businesses fail and was determined to find out why. In 2010, after reading “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles and “Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill he got his answer.


Success starts with Mindset and Intention, subjects they don’t teach in CPA school. Joe learned that this was the true culprit in business failure on top of an overly complex tax and compliance system making it nearly impossible to start a business and stay in business. His primary purpose has become teaching entrepreneurs the fundamental principles of success combined with the practical knowledge acquired as a CPA.


New business owners start out with the odds stacked against them and the solution is education and guidance. Joe provides affordable business training and guidance through and a full range of accounting services at a fraction of what most CPA firms charge through You can book a free chat with Joe by visiting

Delivering Insight Inspiration and Action

Joe has spoken on a variety of business topics including Setting up an S-Corp, Staying out of & Solving Tax Problems, Negotiating with the IRS, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Payroll systems. He can provide custom  30, 60 and 90 minute talks and/or workshops for your groups specific challenges. 

Stealth Tax Strategies

Joe DiChiara delivers a high octane, pull no punches presentation with his Favorite Signature Topic - Stealth Tax Strategies.  Providing the audience a clear understanding of the IRS roadblocks and barriers they will encounter and how to successfully steer clear of them. They will leave feeling empowered and motivated with all their fears of the IRS put to rest. 

audience will learn how to:

  • reduce tax bills
  • get massive tax savings
  • protect family, business and ASSets
  • easily and practically set you up for more money in your pocket

Organize Your Business to Pay Yourself


Life is tough and being in business makes it a lot more challenging. Joe will share how to create a solid business foundation and turn passion into profits. Your audience will leave invigorated and highly motivated know there is a way to get their business going in the right direction



audience will learn how to:

  • how to become more intentional with the output and focus on their highest value activity.
  • Insights from IRS, what they want, what to collect and how to get what they need from them.
  • The Business Builders checklist, from budgeting, getting the EIN, registering new employees, knowing the difference between contractor and employees, sales tax, insurance, records and more.

Generating Cashflow In Your Business   

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. A wise person once said “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality. ” One of Joe’s strengths is mapping out simple, inexpensive plans to start a revenue generating business in 90 days or less. 

Attendees will leave with a new sense of hope and understanding knowing that business is tough, but worth it!

audience will learn how to:

  • gain cashflow in their business from Grants, Loans and Sales
  • deal with complex tax issues
  • save personal assets
  • build business credit
  • have more protection from the IRS Money grabs
  • gain business credits and reclaim lost funds

Other topics and workshop

Why A Bad Plan is Better Than no Plan - How to Structure Your Business For Long -Term Success

Bedrock Business Success Blueprints  - Discover Your Own Principles For Success

Discovering Your Own Road-Map To Success - The Bedrock Business Building MAP System

Some of the Questions I'd like to be asked:


  • What made you choose accounting as a career?
  • What were some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made as an entrepreneur?
  • What has been your greatest achievement as an entrepreneur?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What's the 1st step a new business owner should take when starting a business?
  • What's the main cause of new business failures?
  • When does a business actually start?
  • What’s the best legal structure for a business?
  • What’s the main cause of tax audits?

Books Joe has Authored and Co-Authored


"If you want to learn how to turn the challenging world of entrepreneurship into incredible success, I highly recommend attending one of Joe DiChiara's workshops. Bottom line — he ROCKS!”

Craig Duswalt

Speaker, Author, Pod-caster and Creator of

RockStar Marketing,


"One thing I really enjoy about Joe DiChiara as a speaker is his effortless way of taking a dry subject like accounting and turning it into a fascinating journey of entrepreneurship."

Ricky Powell

"Joe's workshop is invaluable if you are planning to start a small business or have started a small business, and don't know what to do. Joe will help!"

Carolyn Delafrange

Owner- Aim For Good Health