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Business is not easy, it can get complicated and confusing. My team will help you make it simple, fun and profitable.   


I've been in business since I was 10 years old and ran a casino night in my driveway. Unfortunately, my parents shut me down and I vowed to become a CPA and never let that happen to any of my clients! 


I've condensed over 50 years of experience down to two sentences but the fact is that I've been, and always will be fighting for my clients success. Life is tough and being in business makes it even tougher. I'll use all of my God given talents, experience, tools and resources to help you succeed. My team and I will always have your back, guaranteed!


Joe DiChiara, CPA

Linda Kaye

"Joe helped me get straight with escrow accounts for real estate management and improved my business execution."

Larry Broughton

"Joe is the titan accounting professional for solopreneurs! If you're in start-up mode, or your financial books are a mess, Joe and his team are the warriors you need to navigate the minefields of monthly financial reports and tax preparation. Do your business a favor: hire Joe!"

Marisa Pasquini

"Joe helped create a cash flow in my business when I thought it wasn't possible during the pandemic."